Diversity meets Design

Helsinki based Christian, Canadian-Finn, has been working in the creative field as an art director and user interface designer for over a decade now. Fully fluent in both English, his native language, as well as in Finnish.

Made in Africa, born in Finland, and raised on four continents, he is no stranger to diversity, and relies on his love of travel for new ideas and
inspiration. Honest and hard- working, this finger-on-the-pulse designer likes things done with a twist and loathes the ordinary. With a scrupulous eye for detail and appetite for perfection, Christian devotes himself to each and every project, ensuring a unique and immaculate end result.

Aside from his passion in visual design, his other creative outlet is music. He is an avid producer of various forms of electronic music and has released material on several notable UK-based labels as well as multiple
licensing deals in the US for film & television opportunities.

The days of big ad agencies with unlimited budgets are coming to an end, and one must strive to design responsibly. I believe the skills of a good creatve designer today are not only of a visual nature, but equally as
important are the comprehension and creation of solid concepting ideas, functionality, and above all user-friendliness. It’s important to remember when designing for the public that while great art will make a person wonder great design will make things clear.

My areas of expertise are with online web media: Responsive site design, UI / UX design, Banner advertisments, Digital- presentations. Print: Brochures, Leaflets, Flyers, CD design. Identity design: Logo and Letterhead. I work with clients who appreciate a small but
seasoned partner capable of handling a multitude of creative design projects in a timely manner.